About Blockchain Trading Card

An Idea of New Way of Collection

The concept of owning a collection of things has changed greatly over time.
For example, when purchasing music with record or CD, there are many people who have the passion for collecting the physical format that, for example, come with a beautiful jacket or rare author's notes, alongside with enjoying the music itself.
For that reason, it was expected that the digital music business would not progress very well, however, with the success iTunes and other digital music platforms, purchasing digital music became largely very popular.
Rather than people who have a passion for collection the physical format, there were more people who enjoy the benefits and convenience of music in a digital format.

Sharing the same benefits and conveniences, with Blockchain Trading Card, there is no physical space used up and no upkeep needed to collect and own the trading cards. On top of that, the trading cards will exist forever on the blockchain platform.
In order to permanently store the trading cards, Aeria Co., Ltd. has decided on a policy to continually finance the usage of NEM's namespace and mosaic to the NEM Foundation.
In the unlikely event that we are forced to terminate our service, we will pay the transmission fee, upload the trading cards images to the NEM Apostille and continue to be available for viewing indefinitely on the NEM Gallery. One of the benefits of the Blockchain Trading Card is that the storage environment is maintained permanently.

As the music scene changed and is now, the trading card scene is also beginning to see a new era.
Before the changing times, we had proposed to create a collection of digital items, and based on the idea we raised, we have been eagerly developing our Blockchain Trading Card platform.

Value Maintained by Limited Supply

For the Blockchain Trading Card platform, NEM's token is the backbone of the technology.
NEM tokens can be issued with limited number in advance.
This is a feature for managing Cryptocurrency and tokens, but we have applied this feature to our trading cards giving them high collectibility value.

It is a very natural attitude that a company would want to increase profit by increasing reproduction of products that are popular. However, from the point of view of the user, if a product was limited at the time the user purchased it, but was at a later point reproduced again, the rarity value of the product would be destroyed.
In order to dispel this anxiety, we are saving the value of the collection by setting our trading cards issuance in a system that prevents the cards from increasing or being reproduced.
The rarity value of a product that was limited to 100 in the world will always be protected.
Unique trading card IP fans, please join us with peace of mind in the new era of the trading card collecting scene.

The Future of Block Chain · Trading Card

Blockchain Trading Card is planning to add various IPs in the future.
In addition, we are planning to create a system that will showcase trading card collections to people.
Furthermore, we are also proposing to cooperate with other services that will benefit our trading card collectors.
With the purchases of our trading cards, we also plan to gradually introduce services that you can participate in and that have benefits.

We will continue to develop Blockchain Trading Card in various directions from now on into the future, so everyone, please look forward to it!