Can I purchase trading cards with a credit card?
No. The only Cryptocurrency that may be used to purchase trading cards are Bitcoins and Monacoins.
What is a desktop wallet?
A desktop wallet is like a wallet to save trading cards in. To go into detail, the trading cards' private key will be saved into the wallet. Please download and setup a desktop wallet such as ''NanoWallet'' on the personal computer or ''NEMWallet'' on the smartphone before the purchase of trading cards.
Are the trading cards Cryptocurrency?
No. The trading cards may be similar to Cryptocurrency, but in fact are ''Cryptocurrency tokens''. Since tokens are not currency, they can not be used like money.
Will the trading cards be saved into a blockchain?
Yes. The trading cards are saved into a blockchain. The desktop wallet stores the private key information, which certifies the owner of the trading cards.
Will the trading cards increase later?
Yes. We plan to increase the characters available so please look forward to it.
Can the trading cards be stolen?
There is zero ability for theft by hacking to occur. Because the security will change depending on the management state of the desktop wallet, please keep the PC and smartphone in a safe state at all times and manage your cards accordingly.
What is a private key?
It is the key used in the public key cryptography. Data which is encrypted with the public key can only be decrypted with the private key that is paired with it. Although it is a method that is protected with high security, please be careful not to lose the information of the private key or tell others.
Questions about the battle game
How can I play the battle game?
You can play the battle game with the purchase of at least one trading card. Since it is disadvantageous if your trading card hand is smaller than 5, it is ideal to have anywhere from 5 to 20 pieces.
Is the battle game free?
Yes. Please enjoy the game at no cost at all.
Do I receive anything for winning a battle game?
Yes. You receive points for winning a battle game. As the points increase, the trading cards will gain more decorative effects. The effect will be upgraded according to the number of points received. Additional prizes etc. are not granted.
Is there a negative outcome when I lose a battle game?
No. Nothing is lost when you lose a battle game so please do not worry.
Questions about trading cards trading
If trading cards have been sold out, will there be any additional sales?
No. The number of trading cards is decided at the beginning so there will be no additional sales.
Can I give others my trading cards?
Yes. You can send and receive trading cards from desktop wallet. However, since you can not see the trading card images from the desktop wallet, you need to decide which trading card from the trading card's text information.
Can I buy and sell my trading cards to other people?
Yes. You can send and receive trading cards from the desktop wallet and buy and sell it by separately paying the price in another way. However, there is a danger that the payment will not be paid for trading with people who you do not trust. When you want to trade safely, please use the ''Block Chain Escrow Platform'' which our company separately operates.