About Blockchain Trading Card

Blockchain Trading Card is a digital trading card game which uses blockchain technology operated by Aeria Co., Ltd.

Instead of managing the trading card on agame management company server, by utilizing the registering and distributing efficiency of block chain technology,
the service of registering, issuing and circulating the trading card as a digital asset in units of a single card, becoming nearly impossible to be tampered with.

With this, we will continuously work on creating and improving the value of digital assets that had been difficult to bring value independently.

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Product lineup

We will continue to add popular characters etc. of the game from now on.

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Please refer to those who do not know how to purchase.

Purchasing manual

A registered account is necessary to use the site

A registered account is required for the trading of cards.
Please register an account membership below.

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Cryptocurrency is required to purchase trading cards


Cryptocurrency is required in order to purchase Blockchain Trading Cards
The Cryptocurrency which can be used to purchase are; BTC, MONA (as of July. 2018)
Also, when purchasing trading cards with Cryptocurrency, in order to make settlement, an account at Zaif (a Cryptocurrency exchange which is run by Techbureau companu, who is a coorperative company to Block Chain Trading Cards) is needed.

Purchase Cryptocurrency at Zaif

When transfering money for trading cards through Zaif, there is a limit of withdrawal of up to 10,000 yen a day for one week after paying Japanese yen.
When the transfer is cancelled due to the limit restraint, please retry your transfer again.

NanoWallet is needed in order to get and keep your Trading Cards

Please download and set up a desktop wallet such as "NanoWallet" for the PC, "NEMWallet" for the smartphone, etc. before purchasing trading cards.

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How to purchase sold out trading cards

It is possible to recieve sold out cards by receiving them from other players.
Although it is possible to send and receive trading cards from the desktop wallet, please use "Block chain Escrow platform" which our company separately operates for safer transactions.

How to Use the Block chain Escrow platform

It is possible to play games with the trading cards.

Enjoy free games with purchased trading cards.
By winning games, effects will be added on the trading cards.
As effects are upgraded one after the other, let's extravagantly decorate the trading cards.

ブロックチェーントレカ タップバトル

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